Comisión Directiva 2018-2020


Facebook: Vince

Vince Gabriele

This is Vince’s second term on AMA’s board and has been involved with AMA since its inception in 2001. Vince has been the resident Emcee for the Argentina ‘Tango’ Pavilion with Folklorama since 2002, along with many other volunteering roles.
Vince received his degree in vocational nursing at Texas A&M college in Texarkana, Texas in 1996, has co-owned his own business with his wife Carolina and has worked as a financial advisor and area manager for the Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and BMO.
Vince enjoys spending his free time camping, playing hockey and ice skating with Carolina and daughters, Ariana and Marina.


Vice President

Facebook: Davo

Davo Brunstein

Davo has been on the Board of Directors for several terms, organizing and assisting in many AMA events and activities. He came to Canada with his wife and daughter in early 2005. He spends his spare time fishing, both in summer and in winter, playing guitar "Rock Nacional", avid photographer, camping, biking and enjoying life with his family and friends. He enjoys the summers riding his red Kawasaki Vulcan.

Davo works as a Application Architect and Business Analyst for ID Fusion at the Government of Manitoba.


Facebook: Alex

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Sub Secretary

Facebook: Analia

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This is Analia’s first year in the AMA’s board. She has volunteered in a few Folklorama festivals in the past in different areas. She was born and raised in Argentina and moved to Winnipeg in 2005 with her husband. She has 3 kids, all born in Winnipeg. Analia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Phycology from the University of Buenos Aires and a Teaching Certificate (also from Argentina). She is a Human Resources professional working in the private sector. Analia enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and loves traveling.


Facebook: Carolina

Carolina Galli

Carolina has been on the Board of Directors for several terms serving as the secretary and two terms as the President of the association. She has enjoyed volunteering for AMA since its inception in 2001.
Born and raised in Argentina, she moved to Canada in 1999. She got married to Vince and had two beautiful daughters Ariana and Marina.
Carolina had obtained her Bachelor of Education at University of Winnipeg and her Vocational Teaching Education Degree at Red River Collage. She is currently a teacher at Ecole River Heights School.
Carolina enjoys spending time with her family and friends, loves camping, yoga and going for bikes rides and walks.

Sub Treasurer

Facebook: Marcela

Marcela Sussi

This is Marcela’s first year on AMA’s board. She volunteered for Folklorama helping in different areas. She moved to Winnipeg in 2003 with her husband and two children. Marcela studied Computer Science in the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she is currently working as an I.T. Consultant in numerous companies in Winnipeg.
Marcela enjoys spending time with her family, friends and dog. She loves to travel and experience different cultures and food. She likes to cook for her friend and family.

Board Member

Facebook: Mabel

Mabel Fridson

Mabel has been on the Board of Directors for several periods,  serving as the cotreasurer from 2016 to 2018; has been the TANGO Pavilion Finance Coordinator for the Folklorama festival.
Born and raised in Argentina, she moved to Canada in 2002 with her husband and her three sons. Mabel has a B. Commerce (Hons) from de Universidad Argentina de la Empresa and the Supply Management Training certification from the University of Manitoba and she is currently working as a Buyer @ Pollard Banknote.
Mabel likes to cook for her family and friends, play Tennis and Zumba classes.

Board Member

Facebook: Marcelo

Marcelo Josebachvili

This is Marcelo’s first year on AMA’s board. Marcelo’s been a regular volunteer in different areas for Argentina Tango Pavilion at Folklorama since 2007. He moved to Winnipeg in 2004 with his family.

Marcelo is an entrepreneur and he is the owner of Re-New Mobility. He holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology and in Marketing.

Marcelo enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, especially participating in outdoor activities such as camping, biking, running and playing soccer.